Welcome to Oria Productions. This website will host some past projects and currently active projects. The main project which I will cater to the most is: Realms of Hordinia (RoH) rpg game. This computer game will be a 2D open-world (paper & pen style) rpg with a lot of freedom to explore the world and complete quests in your own way. The expected release date (hopefully on steam and gog) will be around 2020. This is a big project, and though the engine is mostly done, that's only a third for a project like this.

However, because there is only myself involved in these projects, and that I also work full-time as a software developer; please be patient as there will be updates only once every few months.

RoH rpg: Since the last update a few major features were completed. Within those completed features, the battle system was started and mostly completed. Currently you can either attack and select a target or run away; spells and items selection menus have not been designed yet. Monsters are random based on a set of monsters selected for a map and rewards are given at the end. The current AI of the monsters is fairly simple; eventually I will add conditions like 'heal if under 30%' etc. Finally the pre-battle dialogue menu is also in place and that is pretty much complete; just missing a couple tiny features.

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RoH rpg: Completed the action objects used by spells and abilities. Basically, spells will contain a list of actions which will process all the attacks and healing mechanics. Each of these action object will return an 'ActionPackage' which holds the results of the action to display back to the player in battle. This is all designed in a such a way to re-use actions for spells and make different combinations, but also opens the possibility to allow players to create their own spells.

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RoH rpg: Completed the dialogue engine and script reader. This actually ended up a lot simpler and easier than I expected. Dialogue data is now read from an outside file which will make it easier to edit them without having to recompile the game each time. The dialogue boxes in-game were created and work with multiple dialogue options. I've also added the character's charisma and intel attribute checks to these possible dialogue options.

RoH rpg: Completed the user interface item moving feature and item tooltips. Now you can pick up an item from the inventory menu and drag it to the character menu. You can also easily view item stats by hovering them with the mouse which will pop the tooltip. I believe all RPGs should have these inventory management features; it makes the player's gaming experience much more enjoyable.

RoH rpg: Just spent the last 3 months changing my game from a C++ project to C#. There were various reasons that made me do this, some of which were the .Net serialization library, multi-threading library and that I prefer XNA over SDL. Now XNA is sort of obsolete, however there is a current project which is maintaining it and improving it, titled; MXA Game Studio

RoH rpg: Unfortunately, i do not have dates recorded for all the features built in that time. However most of it was the creation of the game base; state management, tile map reader and external tile map toolkit (another one of my projects), input management, player, npcs and other basic map things like doors (map transition tiles), walls (blocked tiles), water tiles, etc. Basically the game engine was created in that time as well as the game core objects such as Items, characters, monsters; though there are incomplete and will grow as the game grows.

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